We have converted over to a membership site.  But please do not fear.  If you can afford a fancy cup of coffee, then we are in your budget.  By doing this we hope to filter out the spammers and maintain a more dedicated following.

Please SIGN UP  for our site to get unlimited access to all of our content (7000 images and counting) for as low as $5.95

If you got something funny, creepy or think you or somebody you know is sexy, send us your creepshots and if approved, we may tweet them out or if its site worthy, will post them.  As we all know the funnier, creepier or sexier the better, but no graphic nudity, underage or invasion of privacy pics will be accepted.  All pics should be taken in a public place.

If you have a creepshot that you think is worthy, you can email your pics to: submit@creepshots.com.  Please also include any caption for the pic as well as any story behind the pic as to who, where, how etc.  Funny stories describing your creepshot are always entertaining.  Remember to always include your twitter name in all emails if you want a mention in the post (or state you want to remain ‘Anonymous).

Any other questions you can use the form below.

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  1. Kimo Smyth

    Great site and keep showing us some hotties

  2. Love the site. Find myself creeping day in day out now. Will have to add the goodies I find during my travels!

  3. Matthew

    How do i submit pictures

    • Hello,
      Thanks for contacting us. You can email them to us or tweet them. email to cs@creepshots.com or tweet them to @creepshots. We will review. Keep in mind, not all creeps are worthy of a tweet or post.

      Looking forward to seeing your creepshots.

  4. Hashim Ok

    I have paid for a subscription however can’t see content?

    • CreepShots

      I wish i wouldve come across this issue sooner. I think its fixed. Please try logging on again.

  5. Patrick Davis

    I paid for a subscription however can’t see content?

    • CreepShots

      You subscription has been fixed. Please check email.

  6. Jp Reed

    This shit is a scam, took my money and shows I still need to sign up for a subscription. Do not trust this site

    • CreepShots

      Your subscription had error and has been fixed. You have access now.

  7. Jeremiah Glines

    I have paid for a subscription but I can’t see the content.

    • CreepShots

      We checked on our end and you should have full access. When you log in, click on the ‘Members Area’ in the menu bar.

      • DAT LUU TIEN

        I paid the money. but my account is not activated yet.

        • CreepShots

          no paid account under this email address

  8. Jeff Wilson

    Paid for subscription yet still don’t have access

    • CreepShots

      Can you confirm you have access now? Looks like its working on our end. Let us know. Thanks

  9. Tran Loc

    i can’t pay vs mastercard prepaid, do you accept paypal payment? Please

    • CreepShots

      Paypal did not approve this site. Sorry

  10. E M

    Paid for membership. Can’t see content. Please fix.

    • CreepShots

      The email address you provided shows no history of a payment. Email us proof of payment. Thanks

  11. Eos

    I paid for the subscription but it still asks me to register, can you help ?

    • CreepShots

      You should have access. Send us a confirmation.

  12. Issey Barrera

    This shit is a scam, took my $ and I still need to sign up for a subscription why? need for an explanation…

    • CreepShots

      You have a 3 month membership and should have access


    i have a subscription but cannot see content

  14. King Chief

    After I payed it says I need to buy it still

    • CreepShots

      check email and let me know.

  15. William Bacon

    I want some casino cocktail waitresses, especially the vegas kind. IS there anyway to make that happen? I’d be willing to pay extra as well.

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