Submit your CreepShots

Think you have what it takes?  Follow the steps and rules below and submit your creeps for our consideration.

Rules for submitting your pics:

  1. You must be a registered member of the site.
  2. No under age pics allowed. Pics of anyone not over 18 or anyone questionable will not be posted.
  3. No porn. This is a candid voyeur site.
  4. No blurry pics.
  5. Your creep shots need to have been taken in a public place.  No pics where privacy is expected (changing rooms, bathrooms, etc)
  6. Original content only. Don’t submit pics stolen from other websites.
  7. The color black is really hard to creep successfully and should be avoided until your skills have improved.
  8. The closer the pics the better. Far away creep shots are just annoying.
  9. If submitting multiple creep pics, please self-filter and submit 2-4 of your best work. Quality over quantity.
  10. Lastly and we cannot stress this more. The subject matter MUST to be something that people are going to want to see. Your creeps need to be exciting, sexy, funny etc. in order for people to like it.  Not every Plain-Jane ass is creep worthy.

(By submitting your pictures you have read and agree to the terms listed above)

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