Welcome to CreepShots.com™.  An entertaining fan or member-submitted website that shares the sexy, strange, and funny would around us.  Who are we you ask?  Just a couple of beer-drinking, fun-loving, regular guys wanting to create a site to share and store your favorite candid pics.  We started sharing the few pics we creeped ourselves and felt if we had fun sending pics between our friends, maybe there were more like us out there.  So CreepShots.com was born.  We created this site to document these sexy, funny, strange, gross, odd pictures as well as a place for you submit your own creepshots.  With that said, most pictures submitted are of great butts, boobs and legs.

What is a ‘CreepShot’ you ask?  A CANDID picture that captures the naturally sexy or funny aspect of a person you have seen out in public.  Not all pics on the site are actual creepshots.  We do tend to have a weakness for beauty so you will find some posed / staged pics and well as sexy friends we have met along the way, but for the most part, they are fan-submitted creepshots.

Take a look at the world around you.  There are creeportunities everywhere: during your commute, shopping, coffee shops, office, sporting events or just even walking down the street!  How about creeping your wife?  Yes we have those too!  If you have creeped something you think is worthy, send us the pics and if approved, we will post them on the site.  As we all know the funnier, creepier or sexier the better.  If you think you got game, send your creepshots to: submit@CreepShots.com.  Please also include any caption for the pic, any story behind your creepshot, your twitter name if you want a mention or if you want to remain anonymous.  No graphic porn or people under 18 will be accepted.   If you are new to creeping and want some tips, check them out here: CreepShot Tips

Picture Removal:  If you happen to stumble across your picture on this site, you can do two things. (1) You can admire the fact that there is something about you sexy enough that somebody wanted to send it in.  If you fall under this category, then maybe leave a comment under the pic and be proud you made it!  (2) If however, you wore something sexy, tight or revealing and are shocked, ashamed, belittled or embarrassed that you were posted on here, then contact us at the email above and include the link and description of the picture.  Your request will be reviewed and if found legitimate, the picture will be removed.

Disclaimer:  Although this site rarely contains nudity, most of the content is not suitable for people under 18.  We require all members to be over 18 years of age.


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