So you want to take CreepShots hey?  As you embark on your CreepShot ventures, there are a number of things to be aware and practice in order to become a successful creeper.  Below is a list of important tips that should be noted in order to be successful in your Creep career.

  1. First and foremost all people should be 18+.  Anyone questionable will be ignored and your creep will not be posted.
  2. The color black is really hard to creep successfully and should be avoided until your skills have improved.  With black you need the right amount of light and angle, otherwise you lose all definition and detail in the picture.
  3. Blurry is never good.  Pause long enough to to try and avoid blurry pics.  If they are moving there is nothing you can do about that, so just hope your cam shutter speed is quick enough to capture the pic.
  4. Closer the better.  Far away CreepShots are just annoying.  If you are too scared or lazy to walk over and get a closer shot, then maybe creeping is not for you.
  5. If you feel the pic you took didn’t do the girl justice, that’s the Creep Gods telling you it sucks and don’t even bother tweeting it.
  6. If you are successful in creeping multiple creep pics, do us all a favor and self-filter to only send us 2-3 of your best work.  Remember quality will always win over quantity.
  7. An almost fail-safe way to get a good creep of a moving subject is to take a video instead, then do a screen-capture pic from the video.  It works amazingly well and is a great way to avoid the blurry pic.
  8. Lastly I cannot stress this more.  The subject matter MUST to be something that people are going to want to see.  Your creeps need to be exciting, sexy, funny etc. in order for people to like it.   Any limp dick can take a picture, but its the subject matter that counts.  Not every Plain-Jane ass is creep worthy.

I hope this list is helpful.  More tips may be added as they are discovered.  Now get to creeping!



  1. YouFuckersNeedALife

    Do you just feel a giant wave of shame and failure every time you look at yourself in the mirror? Why don’t you stop being a disgusting parasite on society and get a fucking life instead of encouraging the rest of your sociopathic, anti-social loser peers on this site to view women as subhuman. There is still hope for you to be a normal, functioning member of society.

    • I think I will file this under ‘hate mail’. Not sure how you managed to stumble on the site, but as you can see its pretty harmless based on whats out there. No graphic sex or raunchy pics. All classy and admiring the female figure. Mind you that probably 20% of the pics you see were creeped by and submitted by female fans.
      And in case you were wondering I am a normal, functioning member of society ….. I just do this for harmless fun and entertainment

  2. charlesM

    What I do for those dark parts, I cover my finger on the phone camera part for few seconds then remove it. Then by the time the camera is refocused it has really bright light all around it and just recording until that moment is captured.

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