The BEST Turkish PHATASS ever creeped … via @cesurkmd

turkey ass

Who knew that there were juicy phat asses like this walking around Turkey.  This is amazingly tight, white and done right all at the same time.  Have no fear, no need to go all the way to Turkey to land an ass like this.  Get laid for free here!  Cuz I care like that.

Amazing creep’n at Salty Dawg Tavern in Orange Ca. by @1963_Dallas

salty dawg 1 salty dawg2

Oh hell!! I think we need to pack up the car for a road trip to Salty Dawg Tavern to go see these legs, tits and ass in person.  Looks like she will be worth the trip.  We hope that @1963_Dallas will continue to frequent this place so that we can stay updated on her sexy fashion.  Lets hope he leaves her a big tip for her big tits.

A pink yoga pants phatty creeped by @creep_daddy

Learn how to SCORE with ANY WOMAN!

Pink2 Pink1

A pink streetmeat phatty patty looks to be headed for breakfast.  Maybe she’s up for some sausage?  Keep sending in quality candid creepshots like these and get posted on the site.

Great creeping of perfect lil ass and legs by @iamozzman

ass ass 3

Sexy black with great legs.  You guys wanna bag her?

WOW! Tight white pants on hot Asian creeped by @CreepShot

Tight White1

Tight White2

Tight White 3

This lovely asian beauty walked in while I waited for my order and I’ll be damn if I wasn’t gonna leave without creeping her tight phat ass to share with you guys.  I was like a kid in a candy store, so excited to have this creeportunity present itself to me.  Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.



Creepin a thong in a see-thru dress at a Tampa mall

see thru

A see-thru dress that I would love to walk behind.  Looks like a blue thong right?  Guess she doesn’t have a full-length mirror at the house

Thongs on the water make the day so much better via @Rob_LegsAss


A tight jeans tasty onion looking for a foot long at Subway

onion1  onion2

Looks like these tight pants and ass are looking for a foot long.  I don’t care how she got in them, just as long as she can get out of them.


Hey! Who ordered the McPhatty? via @BootyPrez


@ShowMeUrPunany creeps a beauty at the local Staples Store in Tampa, FL





I want to do a lot more than staple that great ass.  I’m thinking a hole punch is in store as well.  Since we all cant bang her, I recommend banging a local hottie here.