Girls of CS


These are some of the sexy girls we have met along the way.  As you will see we have high standards and these girls fit all the qualities we look for in a CreepShot Girl.  Beauty, creativeness, friendly and willing to help.  We thank them for allowing us to create their pages.

If you think you have what it takes to be a CreepShots girl, then contact us.  All pages run for 1 year.  Our site averages 15K-20K pages views per day, creating a lot of opportunity for your info, pics and links to be seen.  You are free to tweet out your own page as you like.  You will need to provide us with the following items:

  1. A brief bio about yourself
  2. A sexy ‘Fan Sign’ pic. (examples can be see here)
  3. 15-20 sexy pics of yourself, (playboy style) the more the better (no porn)
  4. All the websites and social network sites you want listed

Thank you and now onto the sexy ladies.  We hope you enjoy their pages and as with everything else on the site, if you like what you see, please share it with your friends.  Thanks!

Brett Rossi


See more of sexy Brett here >>> Brett Rossi


Dakota Taylor

See more of sexy Dakota here >>> Dakota Taylor


Goddess Zoey

See more of sexy Zoey here >>> Goddess Zoey


Janessa Brazil

See more of sexy Janessa here >>> Janessa Brazil


Lacie James

See more of sexy Lacie here >>> Lacie James


Madison Moore

See more of sexy Madison here >>> Madison Moore


Melinda Barefoot

See more of sexy Melinda here >>> Melinda Barefoot


Natalie Nice

See more of sexy Natalie here >>> Natalie Nice


Sarah Clayton

Sarah Fan Sign

See more of sexy Sarah here >>> Sarah Clayton


Violet Vega

See more of sexy Violet here >>> Violet Vega